African Fashion & Ankara Fabric: The Wrap Dress


Wrap dresses are a popular style worn by fashion influencers, everyday women, and celebrities alike. These versatile styles of dresses hug the waist and have a way of making every woman look and feel their best. If you’ve been looking for a dress that turns heads when you walk by, look no further than our African print Wrap Dress which is part of our Harmony line.   Read further to find out more.

This eye-catching blue and green wrap dress is perfect for any special or casual occasion. With an accented satin front and a vibrant African print throughout, you are sure to have all eyes on you when you step out in our Wrap Dress. Our dresses aren’t only fashionable, but they’re also a nod to the influence African wax prints have had on African clothing and fashion around the world.

The Rise Of African Clothing and Its International Influence

Ankara wax print fabric has gained global recognition, and fashion icons  have been spotted rocking African print clothing. While African print clothing has increasingly gained popularity, many aren’t aware of the cultural significance, meanings, and spirituality of colors used in African prints.

When you are wearing true African clothing, here’s some things you need to know about the meaning behind the clothes. Colors symbolize spirituality and cultural beliefs.  Our African Wax print Wrap Dress features the colors blue and green.   Made of Colorful Ankara fabric. Here’s a quick breakdown of the cultural significance of these colors.


The Cultural Significance of Blue and Green in African Clothing

Green: The color green symbolizes renewal, regeneration, and growth. Green conveys spiritual growth and the restoration of nature.

Blue: Blue is the color of peace, love and harmony. It represents both the sky and the sea, and the color is associated with freedom, faith, and inspiration.

Now that you understand the cultural significance of these colors, you can rock our blue and green Wrap Dress in confidence and with more strength. Our fabric is sourced straight from Mali, and the Wrap Dress is then handcrafted right in the USA. Slip into this beautiful, uniquely made Wrap Dress for your next day or night out.

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