About Us.

JEchols Brand was established in 2019.  Yes, immediately before COVID-19 pandemic.  Our ultimate desire has always been to uplift and share what we have been so privileged to experience in a most ordinary and extraordinary life journey.

Growing up in rural middle Georgia,  time and fashion may seem to move a bit slower than the “big city”, but familial bonds, and traditions remain at the forefront.   

At an early age,  I got a small taste of travel (by visiting several big cities).   As an adult, I have been able to travel domestically and abroad numerous times and experience other cultures and fashions.   

What I noticed was whether in my quiet home town or in a major city where I now live,  clothing had a direct influence on the wearer.   Getting dressed for church, hanging out, meeting friends,  or whatever the reason was at the time, there was a direct correlation in mood / attitude.

When you have that outfit that “speaks” to you, you know it.  You know that it is right for you, right now.   The clothes, fabrics of Africa have a voice, a message.

The colors, patterns and fabrics are enriched with history, meaning and culture.    This is our grandest desire to connect the voices / messages woven within the fabrics by skilled artisans.